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The Lion Who Wanted to Love (cover)16. The Lion Who Wanted to Love, by Giles Andreae & David Wojtowyez
Price: 4.99 Ages 3 to 5
Deep in the African heartland
Way out on the hot sunny plains,
There lived a small lion who didn't fit in
And Leo was this lion's name.

Now lions are usually fierce
And lions are meant to be strong,
But Leo just wanted to love everybody
And play with his friends all day long.

17. Bob the Builder - Spud's new nose
Price: 5.99 Ages 6 to 18 months
There are four great jigsaws to enjoy inside the chunky pages of this Bob the Builder storybook.
Spud's new nose (cover)
Lambs Friends (cover)18. Lamb's Friends
Price: 3.99 Ages 6 to 18 months
Pull out the stout handle on the side of each chunky page - who do you see?
Designed for very young readers.
Also available: Puppy's Friends.
19. Touch and Feel - Baby Animals
Price: 4.99 Ages 6 to 18 months
What does a baby elephant's skin feel like?
Come inside and discover the different textures of the cutest baby animals.
Touch and Feel (cover)
The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature (cover)20. The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature, edited by Alison Sage
Price: 19.95 Ages 2 to 8
Illustrated anthology of children's litrature
with short stories, fables, fairy tales and extracts from the classics.
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