The Fun-Filled Newsletter for Visitors to the Children's Book Centre Issue Number Eleven
Winter warmers from CBC

Season's Greetings from the Children's Book Centre. The weather has long since turned, the nights have drawn in, and it's time to batten down the hatches for Winter. Now, the best thing about Winter is that when the storm rages outside, and the slush gathers in drifts, when the sky lowers dark on the horizon, that's the best time to curl up with a book or watch a coveted video. Or maybe spend a long afternoon with a computer game. Let Harlequin recommend something today.
The Book Worm
Book worm wiggles through some of the latest books, ideal for Christmas presents

Time For Bed, Little Tiger by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes
Age 1 year - 2 1/2 years 3.99
It's Little Tiger's bedtime, and Mummy Tiger is looking everywhere for him. Lift the flap to reveal Little Tiger's delaying tactics all the way to the end of the book by which time he is fast asleep anyway.

Eloise At Christmastime by Kay Thompson, with drawings by Hilary Knight
Age 4 - 7 years. 12.99
Kay Thompson's modern classic, the second book featuring the irrepressible Eloise who absolutely loves Christmas. Eloise is an upper class New York girl who, with her beloved Nanny, makes the very most of Christmas, in Thompson's eccentric rhymes. Hilary Knight has added new drawings to her original set for this lovely new edition.

Happy Christmas, Maisie by Lucy Cousins
Age 0- 4 years 9.99
Buying presents, making Christmas cake, trimming the tree - it is a busy time for Maisy, and a busy time for little hands with flaps to lift on every page.

Snappy Little Numbers by Kate Lee and Caroline Repchuk, illustrated by Derek Matthews, with paper engineering by Richard Hawke
Age 18 mths - 4 years 9.99
Count up from one to ten with pop up animals, but have a care - you'll have to count quickly before the beasts' mouths snap shut on your fingers!

QPootle5 by Nick Butterworth
Age 2 - 5 years 9.99
QPootle5 crash-lands on Earth on his way to a party on the moon. He will need the help of earthlings (a frog, two ducks and a cat named Colin) to repair his spaceship and keep his rendezvous with ZPootle6. Drawn with Nick Butterworth's characteristic flair, this is a beautiful book to look at.

Zoe The Tooth Fairy by Jane Andrews
Age 3 - 6 years 4.99
It is the day that Zoe and her friend Pip graduate from tooth fairy school. Armed with their sixpence and a packet of sleep dust they are sent on their first mission, but it does not go as smoothly as they might have hoped.

Count Down To Bedtime written by Mick Haines, illustrated by David Melling - A Lift-The-Flap Book
Age 2 - 5 10.99
Ten, nine, eight minutes to bedtime, and Fidget and Quilly are cramming the final moments of the day with last things. But at zero it is Bedtime! And Fidget and Quilly go to sleep (and "isn't it time you were asleep too?"). Charming and richly illustrated.

Disney's Dinosaur
Age 4 - 7 2.50
The Ladybird book of the hottest movie of the moment. The story of the film in simple language, richly illustrated with images from the movie.

Beware Of The Storybook Wolves by Lauren Child
Age 3 - 6 years 9.99
When Herb's mother forgets to take the Little Red Riding Hood book with her after reading the bedtime story, the storybook wolves get out and Herb has to frantically open the other books in his room to help him escape being eaten. A big, inventive, funny book with an excellent twist in the tail.

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