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First Thousand Words Sticker Book.(Reference #074603006)
Based on the First Thousand Words Series. These books feature over 500 stickers. Young children will enjoy matching the words in the book to the word and picture stickers.

Price: £4.99

First Thousand Words Sticker Book.

Five Hundred Word Sticker Book. Five Hundred Word Sticker Book.(Reference #0746011733)
100 reusable stickers for learning to read.

Price: £4.50

Hundred Word Sticker book and Thousand Word Sticker book(Reference #hundredbk)
by Usborne age 5+

Price: £4.99

Hundred Word Sticker book and Thousand Word Sticker book

Test Book Fun Test Book Fun(Reference #testfun)
These exercise books will help children to enjoy maths. There are pages of sums to do as well as hundreds of stickers to find. The answers are on the stickers and there are also reward star stickers. These little pads still have a big future. There is a total of 20 titles in three age groups: 4-6 years; 6-8 years; 8-10 years. Titles include Counting Fun; Travel Games; Spelling Games; Crosswords Fun with Words and many more with variations for different age groups.

Price: £1.50

Fun to Colour sticker books(Reference #colourfun)
Including Mazes Brain Teasers Crosswords and Wordsearch.

Price: £1.99

Fun to Colour sticker books