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Bear's big blue house. Bear's big blue house.(Reference #0671774506)
A book of first words around the house.

Price: £6.99

Don`t Forget The Bacon.(Reference #forgetbacon)
Eggs, a cake, peas and bacon - a simple enough shopping list - and of course the easiest way to remember something is to repeat it, over and over again!

Price: £4.99

Don`t Forget The Bacon.

Little Blue Car. Little Blue Car.(Reference #bluecar)
A bored little car goes looking for adventure and ends up with more than he bargained for.

Price: £3.99

Lucy and Tom go to School.(Reference #lucytom)
A warm, enchanting, classic picture book about a small child's world. Beautifull detailed illustrations.

Price: £4.99

Lucy and Tom go to School.

Snake Supper. Snake Supper.(Reference #snakesupper)
A hungry snake gobbles up many different animals, before they are rescued by a clever elephant.

Price: £3.99

Teletubbies - The Snow Tubby(Reference #0563556374)
One day in Teletubbyland, the Teletubbies are making snowballs.

the Teletubbies decide to use their snowballs to make a snow tubby. And the Teletubbies love their snow tubby so much that they give it some very special presents...

What a happy snow tubby!

Price: £2.99

Teletubbies - The Snow Tubby

When I grow up. When I grow up.(Reference #184088066x)

Price: £4.99 (Excluding: VAT)