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Miffy's birthday by Dick Bruna.(Reference #0416194141)

Price: £4.99

Miffy's birthday by Dick Bruna.

My First Phone. My First Phone.(Reference #firstphone)
Kids will learn all important phone skills with this fun, instructive book and mobile phone - complete with seven realistic sounds.

Price: £7.99

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings by Matthew Van Fleet(Reference #vanfleet)
Tactile fun for toddlers!

Price: £8.99

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings by Matthew Van Fleet

What colour is it? What colour is it?(Reference #0434805254)
Have fun learning about colours.

There are all sorts of objects to find in the bright colourful scenes in the exciting world of Duplo Town.

Price: £3.99

Count Down To Bedtime written by Mick Haines, illustrated by David Melling(Reference #haines)
A Lift-The-Flap Book

Ten, nine, eight minutes to bedtime, and Fidget and Quilly are cramming the final moments of the day with last things. But at zero it is Bedtime! And Fidget and Quilly go to sleep (and "isn't it time you were asleep too?"). Charming and richly illustrated.

Price: £10.99

Count Down To Bedtime written by Mick Haines, illustrated by David Melling

Spot's Noisy Walk by Eric Hill Spot's Noisy Walk by Eric Hill(Reference #0723245134x)
There's so much to see - and hear - when Spot goes for a walk. Press the buttons and hear all the fun.

Price: £9.99

Patch`s House by Jo Hodge.(Reference #0330683579)
Book that assembles into a stand up 'dolls house' style lodge. It is a busy morning in Patch's house. Pull the tabs and join in the fun. There is a counting game, too - and little animals to spot on every page.

Price: £5.99

Patch`s House by Jo Hodge.

Drive a Tractor. Drive a Tractor.(Reference #0751358231)
Interactive sound book.

Price: £7.99

Circus Fun Magic Painting.(Reference #circus)
Just lightly brush water over these fun drawrings and watch the colours appear!

Price: £1.99

Circus Fun Magic Painting.

On The Farm With Barney - A Jigsaw Story Book On The Farm With Barney - A Jigsaw Story Book(Reference #barney)
Barney the purple dinosaur, BJ and Bop visit the farm. There is lots to discover in this book. Each page contains a stiff, four-piece jigsaw (and on the reverse is another picture making up a sixteen-piece jigsaw!). And removing the jigsaw pieces reveals secret pictures underneath. Not a wasted corner!

Price: £4.99

Teletubbies - The Noo-noo Tidies up.(Reference #0563555114)
A lift the flap book.

Price: £3.50

Teletubbies - The Noo-noo Tidies up.

Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2(Reference #0785336036)
Press the 16 buttons as you read about Woody's escape from a greedy toy collector.

Price: £9.99

A party for you Winnie-the-Pooh(Reference #0416195202)
Jigsaw Story Book.

Price: £4.99

A party for you Winnie-the-Pooh

Bob the Builder - Spud's new nose Bob the Builder - Spud's new nose(Reference #spudsnose)
There are four great jigsaws to enjoy inside the chunky pages of this Bob the Builder storybook.

Price: £5.99

Busy Bunnies by Lisa McCue(Reference #lmccue)
A Read & Touch Book. An entertaining board book for the very young. Children can touch and explore interesting textures and smells.

Price: £4.99

Busy Bunnies by Lisa McCue

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly. There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly.(Reference #swallowfly)
Clever illustrated cut-outs make this an excellent retelling of the classic rhyme.

Also available: Old Macdonald had a Farm, The House that Jack Built.

Price: £3.99

Peek-a-Boo Colouring Pads(Reference #peekaboo)
These pads are full of fun. The brilliant pictures are for children to colour and the big moving eyes bring the faces to life and give each character its own personality. Including Peek-a-Boo Monkey; Peek-a-Boo Magician and Peek-a-Boo Doll.

Price: £1.99

Peek-a-Boo Colouring Pads

Spot's First Walk. Spot's First Walk.(Reference #spotwalk)
A lift the flap book in which Spot the dog makes a number of interesting discoveries about the world around him.

Also available: Spot Goes to School.

Price: £4.99

Time For Bed, Little Tiger by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes(Reference #sykes1)
It's Little Tiger's bedtime, and Mummy Tiger is looking everywhere for him. Lift the flap to reveal Little Tiger's delaying tactics all the way to the end of the book by which time he is fast asleep anyway.

Price: £3.99

Time For Bed, Little Tiger by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes