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Jump Ahead - Toddlers II 2000 Jump Ahead - Toddlers II 2000(Reference #jumpahead)
Toddler learning in seven interactive play areas with engaging graphics and lively music. Also printable Activity and Discovery Workbooks to extend the fun beyond the computer. Your child will learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colours, music, animals, listening skills and visual differences.

Age 18 months - 3 years

Price: £19.99

Masters Of The Elements(Reference #elements)
Somewhere high in the mountains live the Masters of the Elements who control Time, Gravity, Electricity, Warmth, Light and Chance. But they need your help. Only through solving difficult puzzles and conducting tricky experiments can you help them win back their powers, and incidentally learn lots about science along the way.

Age 8 upwards

Price: £19.99

Masters Of The Elements

Oz - The Magical Adventure Oz - The Magical Adventure(Reference #ozcdrom)
An incredible learning adventure. Solve educational games and puzzles with Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion in four different locations in the land of Oz. The programme supports Key Stage 1 in developing skills in numeracy, problem solving, comprehension and logic with all the excitement and fun of a game.

Age 4-7

Price: £19.99

Winnie The Pooh - Preschool(Reference #winniecd)
Help the inhabitants of The Hundred Acre Wood to complete their simple tasks and then join them in their celebration of Eeyore's birthday. Each of six locations requires the child to develop such skills as letter and number recognition, sorting and phonics, in the company of his favourite characters.

Age 2 - 4

Price: £24.99

Winnie The Pooh - Preschool

Warlords Battlecry Warlords Battlecry(Reference #warlords)
Fantasy role playing, meeting in real-time strategy. Select your character out of nine different races, and develop him or her through the levels, playing with or against computer generated players, or in multi-player games on the internet. Valour and strategy, combat and empire-building in the magical land of Etheria. Beautiful graphics and endless options in a really impressive game.

Age 8 upwards

Price: £29.99