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Blessn. Blessn.(Reference #04)
Blessn the elephant has a trunk which grows and grows, then he has the loudest sneeze in the world!

Price: £3.99

Pongwiffy(Reference #0140342214)
Pongwiffy is the smelliest ugliest witch you are ever likely to bump into!

Price: £4.50


Tommy and the Moon of Doom Tommy and the Moon of Doom (Reference #0140362568)
Comedy space adventure for Tommy and the crew of the Stardust.

Price: £3.99

Mrs Pepperpot to the Rescue.(Reference #014030642)
The hilarious adventures of Mrs Pepperpot who never knows when she is going to shrink down to the size of her own kitchen pepper pot.

Price: £3.75

Mrs Pepperpot to the Rescue.

Fun with French Video. Fun with French Video.(Reference #074602150)
French words are brought to life in a video illustrating a day in the life of Isabelle and her family.

Price: £8.99

Little Wolf`s Book of Badness. (Reference #000675160-1)

Price: £3.99

Little Wolf`s Book of Badness.

The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature. The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature.(Reference #0091761441)
This fabulous book includes nursery stories, fairy tales and stories by Jane Hissey, John Burningham, Anthony Browne, Shirley Hughes, Hilaire Belloc, Roald Dahl, and chapters from the most famous classics - the Wind in the Willows, the Jungle Book and the Velveteen Rabbit. This book makes the most wonderful Christening present as well as at any other time of the year. Highly recommended.

Price: £19.95

Practice Phonic Spelling. Key Stage One.(Reference #0721434053)
Ladybird.. Strategies for good spelling. Rhyme and better patterns. Practice with a purpose. Encourages success.

Price: £1.99

Practice Phonic Spelling.  Key Stage One.

English Practice Reading. English Practice Reading.(Reference #072143406)
Ladybird. Structured approach. Enjoyment in reading. Read aloud story. Build memory skills. Encourages success.

Price: £1.99

Learn Times Table Maths. Key Stage One.(Reference #072143403)
Ladybird. Build skills in 2 times table, 3, 4, 5, and the 10 times table. Calculator skills. This encourages success. Also includes two make and play times table games.

Price: £1.99

Learn Times Table Maths.  Key Stage One.

Practice Cursive Writing.   Key Stage One. Practice Cursive Writing. Key Stage One.(Reference #072143407)
Ladybird. Excellent writing practise book. Enjoyable structured approach. Stimulating writing activities. Practise with a purpose. Writing and spelling links. It encourages success

Price: £1.99

First Dictionary.(Reference #0746023472)
This features over 2,500 simple definitions, plus word puzzles, spelling tips, and ideas for alternative words. There are over 800 full colour illustrations and photographs.

Price: £9.99

First Dictionary.

Easter Activity Book Easter Activity Book(Reference #estrctvty)
It wouldn't be Easter without egg decorating and this book shows you how. Plus lots of other ideas like making Easter baskets.

Price: £3.50

Crafty Easter Eggs(Reference #craftestr)
A great book to keep children busy over Easter. Includes egg stencils stickers instructions for making chocolate eggs and personalised Easter cards.

Price: £2.99

Crafty Easter Eggs