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Rugrats - Make Room for Dil(Reference #50144374852)
Hand - me - downs

Dog's Life

Dil we meet again

Big babies

Raising Dil

Price: £8.99

Rugrats - Make Room for Dil

Rugrats - I Think I Like You Rugrats - I Think I Like You(Reference #rugrats2)
Love among the preschoolers! Five episodes in which the gang try to figure out what all the excitement is about. Chuckie develops a crush, Susie stages a very junior prom, and Angelica conducts a play wedding which brings her more than she bargains for. Including a two-part episode never seen on t.v. in which it is Valentine's day, and we discover just who the Rugrats' hearts belong to.

Price: £4.99

Scoop Saves the Day and Other Stories - Bob the Builder. (U)(Reference #bobvideo)
In Scoop Saves the Day a heavy storm causes a lot of damage. Bob sets off the clear all the mess and leaves Muck and Lofty to help Farmer Pickles. But when Pilchard climbs a storm-blasted tree which she brings crashing down onto the pond Lofty just can't get a grip on the tense situation - can Scoop arrive in time to save the ducklings and Pilchard? 46 minutes.

Price: £9.99

Scoop Saves the Day and Other Stories - Bob the Builder. (U)

Viva Los Simpsons Viva Los Simpsons(Reference #50390360014)
When legendary milquetoast Ned Flanders suddenly realises he is leading a boring life, he's left with no choice but to learn the ways of woo hoo from his greatest enemy, Homer J Simpson! Homer's crash course in crazy leads the duo to Sin City where they party, gamble, and accidentally marry two cocktail waitresses!

Price: £14.99

Maisy - Bedtime and other stories(Reference #maisy)
Ages 7+ (U) Stories for the very young about bedtime washing rain and other everyday experiences. Nattated by Neil Morrissey

Price: £9.99

Maisy - Bedtime and other stories

Noddy's Bumper Video - Magic Night Noddy's Bumper Video - Magic Night(Reference #noddybump)
Ages 1-4 (U) Noddy has to rescue the moon from the pond and find a way to help Big Ears when he crashes his bicycle. But being helpful seems to get Noddy into trouble.

Price: £9.99

Fireman Sam - Telly Trouble(Reference #firesam)
Ages 2-5 (U) A collection of seven Fireman Sam adventures. Everyone's excited when Station Officer Steel is asked to appear on TV to promote fire safety. But not everyone gets to see the show.

Price: £9.99

Fireman Sam - Telly Trouble

Pocahontas II Pocahontas II(Reference #poca2)
Ages 6-10 (U) With her friends from the first movie the Indian princess makes a journey to the Old World. She's on a peace mission to London and she's falling in love with her escort John Rolfe. the romance becomes complicated when Captain John Smith shows up. Packed with adventure intrigue and songs.

Price: £9.99

The Tigger Movie(Reference #tigger)
"The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I'm the only one!" But even Tigger can hanker after his own kind from time to time. When he decides to get in touch with his family, nobody writes back. So his friends, Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit and Owl pretend to be his family. Still, Tigger wants real, proper other Tiggers, and he sets off on a desperate quest to find his family Tree. Another magical and heart-warming Winnie the Pooh feature from Disney.

Price: £16.99

The Tigger Movie